At Fabricduniya, quality means the customer needs to be satisfied, we ensure it with the rigorous quality check at multiple stages; ensuring accurate measurements, drawings or flawless prints, undamaged and unworn condition.

In rare cases, when you want to return or exchange a total or partial order, either because the order does not conform to specifications or the product does not match the desired demand expectations (not applicable in the case of fabrics measuring less than 2 meters), you can request a return or an exchange by sending us an e-mail to the address support@fabricduniya.com with your order number in the subject, an image of the particular tissue areas where there is a problem and a brief description within 7 days of the date of receipt of the order. The refund is subject to the conditions detailed in clauses 1 and 2.

Note:Products less than 2 meters or purchased for sale are not returned or exchanged unless they are defective.

1. When Product is Defective or Damaged


1.1.1. In all the cases of returns covered under clause 1 & 2, customer amount will be refunded in full to the account post receiving the returned product. In the case of CASH on Delivery, the amount will be refunded to the account of the customer only. (Defect product)
1.1.2. Refund on a bulk order of INR 15,000: unable to understand this point (Need discussion)
1.1.3. Fabricduniya will arrange to pick up from your delivery location. The place of pick up must be the same where the product has been delivered to the customer. In case the customer wants to pick up on different address then let us know in advance.
1.1.4. All refunds are defaults treated as gift cards of equivalent value that the customer can use to purchase products on www.fabricduniya.com for 6 months. In If a customer decides otherwise, the refund can be transferred back to the source account (prepaid) or to the bank account (cash on delivery).

1.2. COVERED as Defective or Damaged

1.2.1. A substantially inconsistent visual appearance in terms of print, texture or colors is visible from the first unpacking of the product
1.2.2. The fabric is torn abruptly and is not usable
1.2.3. The structure is loosely woven into a part or zones, or the weave is damaged or torn
1.2.4. The weight per meter varies by more than 25%

1.3. NOT COVERED as Defective or Damaged

1.3.1. Color reproduction on various digital screens varies enormously. Therefore, there will always be a gap between what you see online and what is real.
1.3.2. Some types of tissue experience inherent bleeding during some washing. The instructions for each of these fabrics are clearly mentioned on the respective products page.
1.3.3. Any fabric ordered below 2 meters of measurement cannot be returned.

1.4. Exchange

1.4.1. Any exchange request must be satisfied subject to the availability of the fabric in the inventory on the date of receipt of the purchase order / products.
1.4.2. The exchange of products must be calculated on the net price of the item (s) and not on the MRP.

1.5. Conditions of Returned Products

1.5.1. Labels on the product must be intact.
1.5.2. The product must be unwashed, unused, not sewn and in perfect condition.
1.5.3. The item must be returned with the original packaging.

1.5.4. Products for sale will not be returned or exchanged except in case of default.

2. When the Customer has changed His/her mind, or Did Not Like the Product

2.1. Refund Policy

In all cases, a customer has changed his mind or fabrics have not met their expectations and wish to return part or all of the order fabric less than 2 meters, Fabricduniya will accept returns for the rest of the fabrics, as the returned products qualify as conditions mentioned in clause 2.2. In this case, the customer must bear the full cost of shipping and no reverse handling facility can be used. Reimbursement must be processed within 5-7 working days from the date of receipt of the returned order at the shipping source.

2.2. Terms of Returned Products

2.2.1. Labels on the product should be intact.
2.2.2. The product should be unwashed, unused, not sewn and in perfect condition.
2.2.3. The item should be returned with the original packaging.



1. You can cancel an order until it has not been shipped from our warehouse, which is notified by email within 24 to 48 hours of ordering. This includes items purchased for sale as well. Any amount paid must be credited to the requested bank account.
2. You can change the delivery address of your order before we have processed it by writing to us on support@fabricduniya.com, or calling us to our support number: +918639084299 or sending the new address on the WhatsApp number: +918639084299 with order id mentioned on it.
3. You can cancel the order in your account page, cancel button within 48 hours of order.
4. If you selected Cash on Delivery at the time of placing the order, no amount will be refunded because you have not paid your order. For payments made by credit card, debit card, Net Banking or wallet, you will receive a refund on the source account within 7 to 10 working days after the moment of cancellation of the order.

If you still have questions about our return and exchange policy, please send us an email at support@fabricduniya.com, we will reply you within 1-2 business days.