About Us

Do you know that the quality of a fabric depends on the type of yarn?

Do you know how to judge the quality of fabric?

Do you know from where to source the quality fabric at an affordable price?

Many of us face these questions before purchasing any fabric. The fabric market is so vast that it is very difficult for the manufacturer to directly reach the end consumer. In the case of a wholesaler and distributor, their focus is on clearing the stock before it turns to be a dead one. Hence, they too are unable to reach the end consumer like you with a superior quality of the Fabric. The retailer and online marketers, in many cases, do not have enough expertise to suggest the right fabric and that too at the right cost.

Fabric(the western name for cloth) + Duniya( Indian name for World) is attempting to solve the questions raised by millions of end users before buying the product. It bridges the gap between the manufacturer and the end consumer. Fabric Duniya provides a superior grade fabric without any quality compromise and that too at an affordable price. Our Parent company BJ Textile is in the Textile Business for the last 8 decades. These decades of quality experience has helped us to understand the needs of customers and deliver them accordingly. BJ group has collaborations with many renowned designers, manufacturers, and traders across India.

Team, Fabric Duniya works relentlessly to ensure quality fabric reaches your doorstep without you having to know how to judge the quality of the fabric you are purchasing. Fabric Duniya believes you should cherish your experience of wearing new cloth, leaving the complex questions of the quality of fabric to us.