Which fabric is the best for winter clothing?

Which fabric is the best for winter clothing?

Your first line of defence against the weather is your clothing. Monsoons are ending and autumn is right around the corner. With the passing days, the temperature is dropping sooner than ever. As we slowly transition towards winter, now is a great time to bounce back and reflect upon the clothes we are going to wear and change based on the weather conditions outside.

There is saying which goes “weather is what you are wearing and climate is what you have in your closet.” Perhaps it is true in winters more than ever. You can be wrapped warm and hot in your clothing than feel the chilly breeze of winter air.

Unlike your every winter, your clothing does not have to be bland and bulky. At fabricduniya, winter is the favorite season. Winter means that you can layer your clothes and experiment with multiple fabrics and colors that you may have been scared to try before. Apart from being utilitarian, here are a few fabric options from us to help you keep up that ‘chic’ look even in winters.


The thick luxurious fabric oozes opulence with every wear. The unique texture of velvet does a great job of keeping the freezing cold away as you are tucked in its magnificence. You can layer velvet with almost anything you have in mind. Its strong, noticeable texture works as an accompaniment to all your looks. It balances your colors well and the matte finish keeps the shine away. Also, since dark colors are preferred in winters, velvet can be your best option.

Get a sharp and tailored velvet jacket for yourself this winter.

Digital Muslin Prints

With designers exploring quirky styles and patterns, digital prints have recently taken the stage. For the upcoming winter, we could not help but consider the lively, fun, simple, too good to pass designs that can add up the oomph to your otherwise bland winter wools. It is a rejoice to maximalists and your Instagram page. The patterns are complex yet intriguing at the same time which adds an expensive-looking touch to your outfit.

Wear floral prints, symmetric designs, or just about any other print. Just remember that digital prints are always on the trendy forecast of fashion.

Khadi Prints

Yes! You read that right! Khadi is just as much as a winter fabric as it is for summer. The unique texture of Khadi prints, when stitched into a warm saree, can be the flavor of the season. Choose your simple plain ol’ khadi or opt for digitally printed Khadi fabric to stand out from the shadows.

If you have the time, play around with prints and keep yourself open towards multiple winter fabrics like silk khadi, floral prints, abstract, and many other unique khadi designs. Get yourself a tailored saree, Kurtis, palazzos, and just about anything you have in mind.


You don’t have to stick to the plain palettes this winter. Feel free to indulge in trendier clothing, only at fabricduniya. Visit https://www.fabricduniya.com/. Order today!