What Are the Types of Fabric?

What Are the Types of Fabric?

A cloth that is produced by methods of weaving or knitting yarn is called fabric. Fabric can be made of natural products or artificially created yarn. It can also use a blend of different fibers depending on their weave patterns or texture.

The best part about fabrics is that they are as versatile as they can get. One can choose from hundreds of different fabrics to help suit their purpose. Be it somebody choosing fabric for their sewing project or just anybody looking for high quality, true-to-fit clothing, the world of fabrics has it all.

Its diversity is also one of the reasons we are talking about fabric here. It is extremely interesting to explore the different types of fabric we have at our hands. Let’s find out a few.

Firstly, fabrics can be categorized into two different classes based on their sourcing and availability. They include – natural and artificial fabric. As the name suggests, fabric obtained naturally are natural fabrics. Fabrics created artificially are called artificial fabrics. Let’s take a look at a few popular types of both natural and artificial fabrics.


The most popular fabric there is, cotton is a natural fabric that is obtained from the cotton plant. Cotton has excellent breathability and this makes it ideal for almost any kind of clothing.

Polyester, Nylon & Spandex

These are the most popular synthetic fabrics. Unlike cotton, they do not shrink at all. They have excellent resistance and high elasticity. They make great options for sportswear, outerwear, suiting, etc.


Silk is considered to be an ‘elite’ fabric in the world of clothing. Owing to its comfort, softness, and feel, we think that it is rightly so. It has excellent breathability and it is very light in weight. It makes a great option for shirts, suiting, bedding, ties, scarves, upholstery, wall hangings, etc.


Another natural fabric like silk, wool to is woven from animals. The fur of sheep and other animals is used in weaving this dense fabric. It is a natural insulator that makes it ideal for winter wear. It can also be dyed into multiple colors. They are great for trousers, suiting, winterwear, bedding, blankets, etc. Keep in mind that they need to be dry-cleaned only.


Linen is an interesting take on natural fabrics that are made from flax. It is a breathtakingly light fabric that keeps you ice-cold in hotter climates. It feels similar to cotton but much lighter. Its properties and care concerns are similar to those of cotton. Also, linen does not shrink.


Cashmere is another type of wool that is obtained from cashmere and pashmina goats. It is a much finer, stronger, lighter, and a softer version of traditional wool. Cashmere is also three-times more insulating than regular wool. It makes a great choice for winterwear, scarves, suiting, etc.

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