The Growth Story of Online Fabric Industry in India

The Growth Story of Online Fabric Industry in India

The growth trajectory of the Indian Fabric Industry is certainly wide and one of the heart-warming topics to discuss. The growth is enormous in the last decade. India as a county is truly vivid in terms of the dressing and fabric buying behavior. It is a mixture of both traditional sensibilities and the power of intense western attitude. Technology has certainly played an important role to create a strong base for the online fabric industry. Gradually, the increase in demand and willingness to mitigate the same with adequate supply has made the entire industry cruise up. Transportation has become a lot more hassle-free now.


The revamp of the banking and logistic services in India has also helped the online fabric industry immensely to streamline the gap between demand and supply. The government also came up with some policies in the last few years to help the hand-spun and hand-woven textile sector. 

In this era of e-commerce and changing buying behavior, the purchase of fabrics online has seen a sharp growth in the last four to five years. Some of the leading brands have also come up with their online platforms to sell fabrics with some attractive offers. The major factors of this boom are as follows:

  • Support from the Ministry of Textiles
  • Advancement of technology in India
  • E-Commerce Boom
  • Change in buying behavior

Support from the Ministry of Textiles


The Ministry of textiles in India has done a tremendous job in past few years. It has been actively working towards the betterment of the weavers and supporting the artisans. The Government has introduced weaver welfare programs like Pehchann, Adarsh Gram, etc., and tried in every possible way to promote Indian handlooms. Moreover, the Government is spreading awareness about the industry on various digital platforms to revamp the sector. 


Advancement of technology in India


The smartphone revolution of the country has paved the way for economic growth and has smoothened most of the transactional and operational challenges in businesses. The advancement of technology has helped to bridge the gap between demand and supply. The artisans are now using various digital interferences and mediums of selling their products while on the other hand; the buyers have the liberty to buy from anywhere in the country. 


E-Commerce Boom 


The growth in e-commerce is the key factor in shaping up the online fabric industry. The new-age audience is undoubtedly competent in using online platforms and has a better understanding of and e-commerce market places. The process of buying and selling has become smoother than ever and it is a huge advantage for the industry.  


Change in buying behavior


The change in buying behavior of people is another important factor of the e-commerce movement in the country. Social media has emerged as the strongest medium of communication and influences the buying habits of consumers to a great extent. Buyers are no more reluctant to buy fabrics online and the trade eco-system has evolved positively. is the one-stop-shop to buy all kinds of fabrics online. It guarantees the best price and heart-warming deals every day. Follow us to know more!