Origin of Organza Fabric

Origin of Organza Fabric

Organza fabric is one of the widely used fabrics in the fashion and fabric industry. It is lightweight, smooth, and has a shiny appearance. Due to its gentle & bright texture, designers love to use this fabric for wedding and ethnic outfits. Later on, this material is also used in evening dressing and home decor. 

Organza Fabric
Characteristics of Organza fabric-
Transparency- Organza fabric is a transparent material. It has tiny holes throughout the fabric. The kind of fabric with more holes per inch is considered to be the superior quality of organza.  
Thinness- The fabric is extremely delicate and thin. Organza fabric is made in such a way that the yarns are twisted very tightly before weaving. 
Sheerness- Organza fabric is elegant it catches the light beautifully. It reflects light rays and gives a royal texture. This happens due to the quality of silk and the treatment and twists of fiber that undergoes before weaving.
Stiffness- Organza fabric is slightly stiff. The traditional silk is extremely delicate and smooth. In the case of organza fabric, the other hand, the yarns undergo an acid treatment before weaving. As a result of which, organza fabric is stiffer as compared to traditional silk. However, this fabric is widely used to create sculptural silhouettes by professional designers.
Breathability-  This fabric has small holes in the fabric. Hence it is very airy and breathable. 
Easy to wrinkle and tear- Organza fabric needs to be handled carefully as it is extremely prone to wrinkles. It's thin. Although the individual fibers are strong they can catch and tear easily.  

Organza Fabric 

Where Is Organza Made?

Organza fabric is in huge demand in not only India but also in various other countries of the globe. Due to the increase in demand, various countries from Europe and Asia have started the production of organza fabric. Among the Asian counties, India is also a large producer of fabric. It also exports to various other countries in the Middle East & Europe. A stiffer type of organza is produced in the Bangalore region which is in Karnataka, India. So far as European counties are concerned, France and Italy produce very good quality organza fabric as well. 
How Organza Is Made?
Most organza fabric is woven by hand. The weaving process for organza is very complicated and time-consuming. This fabric can also be made by machine. However, hand-made organza fabric is superior in quality as compared to machine-made organza.
There are 3 basic processes of preparing organza fabric. They are as follows
Twisting the yarn- The filament fiber is produced and then, yarn is formed by twisting two single fibers in the opposite direction. 
Treating with acid- The twisted yarns are then woven into a fabric. To increase the stiffness of the fabric, it is combed and treated with acid. 
Weaving- Then the weavers create a criss-cross pattern by weaving the warp and weft threads over and under in equal ratio. This is a plain waving method to form the fabric.
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